Custom 2D animated, character-driven and “explainer” videos.

Telling your audience what they need to know in a vibrant, dynamic visual story can be one of the most engaging and cost-effective ways of making even the most complex messages easy to understand.

A colourful, character-driven animation always has the potential to be memorable, educational and entertaining.

You might want it to be an “explainer” video that outlines what your company offers. You might want it to illustrate what problems you can solve for your customers. Or you may want to talk about why your solution is the best of its kind in the market. Or, perhaps you simply want to start conversation with your target audience.

Your video will be unique and, since it is storyboarded and produced from scratch (i.e. not from a template!) we can naturally customise the setting and characters to reflect the visual identity of your own brand, as well as the key characteristics (like age, style, look etc) of those you are talking to or about. So why not let your brand spokesperson tell a great story for you?