Affordable reformats for original films to almost any screen resolution.

If you work in Travel Retail, you can’t help but notice the incredible range of different screens displaying promotional advertising in ports and airports. While many are conventional landscape (1920 x 1080) or portrait (1080 x 1920), there is no limit to the shapes and sizes you may want to adapt your film to. This is something we do, day-in day-out, quickly, effectively and for a very affordable cost. Take Cancun airport where you might, for example, need a screen on a column at 480 x 960, or at a Cash Till that’s 2880 x 854, or perhaps even a huge perimeter screen at 10752 x 384. And then there are the exceptional (and often amazing screens) like the incredible Unifree Façade & Curved Corner Screen at Istanbul or the 6 separate trapezoid display at Changi. Cell can take your original film (or one we have created for you) and re-format it to almost any new screen resolution, saving you a fortune in creating separate films for separate screens to keep your campaign consistent and highly visible to travellers.