Say ‘hello’ to Cell

Our agency is built around key highly experienced ex-agency professionals, supported by our own extensive network of talented freelancers, each with their own proven track records.

Every single one has been rigorously hand-picked for his or her skills in a range of specific advertising, marketing, design, social media or digital marketing and video production disciplines.

So we are able to offer our clients a resource of specific skills that we can bring together quickly for any project.

The people we use never let us – or our clients – down, and they are all extremely experienced, so you never have a junior working on your business, even though you won’t be paying senior agency staff fees.

We also think we’re a good size for an agency because we can give you plenty of dedicated personal attention. You’ll always be given easy access directly to the people doing the work.

For instance, every significant meeting is attended by everyone who needs to hear the details first hand – copywriter, art director, designer, production specialist and client services/account management.

Since we’re also in complete control of what we produce on your behalf, work gets done quicker, nothing ever gets bogged down, and what you need is delivered on schedule and to budget.